fainting goat cashmere

Fainting Goat Cashmere Production

November 30, 2016 Matt Warnock 0

Cashmere, the fine, soft wool that originally came from the Kashmir goat, is a type of wool that is desired around the world. While fainting goats are typically bred for their meat, fainting goat cashmere is another possible byproduct of your herd. Demand for cashmere, long sought for it’s soft, […]

Goat Medications

Goat Medications going to prescription only

November 23, 2016 trizzuty 0

Goat Medications information You Need to Know for January 1st Goat Medications are a necessity! Your goats can get sick, just like you can. Heck everyone has a day they feel crummy from time to time. When you get sick you take some medicine, but what about your goats? Just […]

Quick and Easy Goat Feed Tips

November 17, 2016 Matt Warnock 0

When I was a kid, my parents would read to me a book called Gregory the Terrible Eater. It’s about a goat who only wants to eat healthy things and doesn’t want to eat the garbage that his parents eat. I thought that was pretty funny when I was a […]

Basics of Breeding Goats in Africa

November 13, 2016 Matt Warnock 0

Breeding goats in Africa, particularly South Africa, is one of the largest agricultural sectors in the region. In the rural areas where the people are economically deprived, breeding goats in Africa is considered by many to be a source of ready cash-income, social security, and food. Why Breed Goats in […]

Hire a Goat and Skip the Mowing!

November 7, 2016 Matt Warnock 0

Do you have a pesky field that is overgrown with grass and weeds? Would you like an environmentally friendly way of taking care of all that vegetation without having to cut it all down by hand? Well some enterprising farmers have an excellent service that will set some friendly goats […]

Why Breed Fainting Goats?

November 1, 2016 Matt Warnock 0

If you’re new to the fainting goat game or your are thinking about getting started as a breeder, you may be wondering why breed fainting goats in the first place? Sure, they’re cute and all, but what are the practical purposes of breeding fainting goats? Why do breeders across the […]