Fainting Goat Registry

An explanation of the Fainting Goat Registry

So you have a couple new fainting goats, or maybe a whole herd of fainting goats and you want to preserve a record of your animal. Where do you go to register your newly purchased goats? What if you found a goat that has the traits of a fainting goat? How do you know if your animal meets the necessary characteristics? You should turn to a fainting goat registry to document your animals and help add to the lineage of this unique breed! There are a few fainting goat registries located in the United States (and beyond) that are ready and willing to help you with that task. Each fainting goat registry has its own guidelines, standards, fees, and benefits.

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International Fainting Goat Association

Fainting Goat RegistryThe International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA) operates with three core goals of promoting, protecting, and preserving the fainting goat. Founded in 1989, the IFGA holds to a high standard of values and guidelines in order to maintain the quality of the myotonic goat breed. The association fulfills these goals through registration and pedigree of the animals, as well as educating the public about the breed.

As of January 2016, membership fees for basic membership are $25 per year for adults and $15 per year for youths (ages 8-18). This does not include various animal registration fees.

The IFGA has members in more than 30 states in the U.S as well as Canada and Europe.

The Myotonic Goat Registry

The Myotonic Goat RegistryMyotonic Goat Registry (MGR) acts as an “open” registry for all goats of the “traditional Myotonic breed found originally in Tennessee but now throughout the USA and Canada.” The MGR is a place for breeders to register their fainting goats, including breeders from pet owners to commercial meat producers. The registry maintains goat pedigrees (up to three generations based on availability) and will record the history of the bloodlines of breeders’ goats. The MGR also seeks to educate breeders and the public about the myotonic goat and its usefulness.

The MGR has registered breeders from across the United States and Canada.

The registry includes a place for “crossbreeding programs so that breeders can register goats with at least 50% or more of Myotonic breeding, up to and including those all-important purebred animals.”

The Myotonic Goat Registry has an annual breeder’s fee of $24 in addition to various animal registration fees.

American Fainting Goat Organization

AMERICAN FAINTING GOAT ORGANIZATIONThe American Fainting Goat Organization (AFGO) is a registry that is dedicated to “dedicated to preserving and enhancing the historically correct Fainting goat as they were in the beginning.” The goal of AFGO is to have a consistent look that is maintained throughout the breed, as well as ensure the genetic traits that produce the fainting reaction.

AFGO claims to be the first registry to recognize the fainting goat as a formal breed. It maintains an open herd book and searchable pedigree that can be found here: http://s568358963.onlinehome.us/AFGO_DB/search.html.

AFGO-registered breeders come from throughout the United States.

Individual membership fees are $25 and youth fees are $15.