Agritourism Farms Add Income Options

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Breeding Fainting Goats

Every farmer, whether you’re farming fainting goats or growing soybeans, knows that nothing is ever certain. Your

fainting goat farm depends on a lot of factors, weather, food supply, mating ability, breed quality…you get the picture. You might have a banner year one year, only to do not as well the next. Sometimes you need to have a backup plan in place to ensure your livelihood. That’s why some farmers are turning to agritourism farms for an additional source of income.

‘What the hell are agritourism farms?’ you might be asking. In a broad sense, agritourism, or agrotourism, is any agricultural operation that brings visitors to a farm or ranch. Agritourism farms can take many forms, from a corn maze to a series of educational seminars, to getting people out to experience what it is to work a farm first hand.

Interest in agritourism farms is growing across the country, and fainting goat farmers are in a great position to showcase this unique breed to a wide variety of people who don’t know about these animals.

Jackie Moore, agritourism director for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture said interest in agritourism farms is growing across the state with more than 300 farms having agritourism businesses.

“I do see more and more people getting in it,” she said. “Farmers are realizing the benefits. And the harder farming gets  — they lose their crops because of these hurricanes, floods and I don’t know what these [warmer] temperatures

are going to do this spring — they have to look for other revenue options to keep their farms.”

Heath Squires, a fourth-generation farmer in SC, started the agritourism side of the farm as a way to supplement the farm’s income and find a way for this daughters to connect to the work that has provided for his family for years and years. In addition to raising goats, the family farm grows peanuts, corn, cotton, and soybeans. They also run a sod farm.

Goats Unlimited - Agritourism FarmsIs agritourism an option for your farm? If so are you interested in where to get started? If you’re looking for more detail on setting up agritourism in your fainting goat farm, you might want to check out this title Agritourism – Cultivating a Great Farm-Based Business: Find out how we attracted over 13,000 and brought in over $100,000 our very first year!

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