Hire a Goat and Skip the Mowing!

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TrixieDo you have a pesky field that is overgrown with grass and weeds? Would you like an environmentally friendly way of taking care of all that vegetation without having to cut it all down by hand?

Well some enterprising farmers have an excellent service that will set some friendly goats on your property to start munching and cut that grass down to size! Hire a goat! What more could you ask for?

How do Hire a Goat Services Work?

When you contact a farmer through a hire a goat service, you’ll get a professional to come out and take a look at your property to determine if a herd of goats is the right solution for getting rid of your unwanted vegitation. They’ll recommend the number of goats you would need to clear out the designated area, how long it’ll take, and how often those goats will be under supervision to make sure they don’t get up to too many tricks or try to escape the temporary fencing they’ll be set up in.

What kind of greens will the goats eat?

Goats will eat an awful lot of stuff, and if it looks green, they’ll probably give it a taste. They will eat many kinds of plants that people find to be ugly, invasive, or harmful to humans. Got a problem with thistle, English Ivy, kudzu, poison ivy, poison oak, or a variety of other greens? The professional that comes out to your property will be able to tell you whether their goats will munch on it.


What have you got to lose?

If you are interested in a hire a goat service there’s no obligation to order, and the service comes with a happiness guarantee. What have you got to lose, aside from a bunch of pesky grass and weeds on your property? Check it out today!

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