About Goats Unlimited

About Goats Unlimited
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Raising fainting goats or any kind of goats can be challenging and rewarding no matter what your age is. We aim this website toward information about fainting goats. The rewarding feeling from raising goats can be shared amongst the many different people.

We know finding useful information about goats, and answers to common questions (or sometimes not so common) can be challenging as well. Believe us! We have searched high and low and found a large amount of scattered, yet helpful websites for information about many types of different goats! Although the information you are looking for is most likely somewhere on the Web, it may be hard to find, or you have to pull information from many different places. That is where this site is aimed to help!


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We have spoken with others that stated they would love to see a website like this, as they spend too much time looking for what they need instead of spending that time performing the task at hand. This is why this site is designed to provide a variety of information about goats from books for the new goat owners like How to Raise Goats: Everything You Need to Know, Updated & Revised (FFA) or specific books like Myotonic Goats Owners Manual to tips and tricks for everyone. The resources here are available to help anyone form the newbie to the more experienced owner without searching a ton of different sites to find it.

One-Stop Website

We are aiming for a one-stop-shop to meet a large variety of information regarding different breeds of goats through collective research from the web and other resources like veterinarians and medical journals etc. This site will contain information on the goats’ habitats, health care, medications that are commonly used, breeding your goats, selling your goats, kid care, and much more.

We hope you find a great deal of useful resources for raising and caring for your animals, and encourage you to help us make this site a valuable resource for all by commenting and discussing your experience with raising these animals. Join our mailing list below to keep updated on new articles and upcoming events. Also, if you are interested in seeing any articles written about a particular subject, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. We are always interested to hear from our readers about improving wherever we can and making this site enjoyable for everyone!

More about Goats Unlimited can be found throughout our articles. We encourage to help out and comment on our posts to make this site what we want Goats Unlimited to be about.