Quick and Easy Goat Feed Tips

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gregory-the-terrible-eaterWhen I was a kid, my parents would read to me a book called Gregory the Terrible Eater. It’s about a goat who only wants to eat healthy things and doesn’t want to eat the garbage that his parents eat. I thought that was pretty funny when I was a kid, and it’s really no surprise that people think goats will eat just about everything, including garbage and tin cans. The truth is that goats need to fed properly to be healthy and help you make a profit. Different breeds of goat have different requirements for what they need to eat, and we’ve assembled some goat feed tips to help you keep your herd at its healthiest.

Whether you’re raising your goats for their milk or their meat, they need to be properly fed to produce the best results.

Goat Feed Tips for More Productive Animals

Proper feeding is very important for meat breeds. If you want good, quality meat, you need the right feed. These goats, such as boer goats, were cultivated to pack on muscle for the best quality meat. Dairy goats, on the other hand, start out plump and become leaner as they grow older.

Follow these goat feed tips to have more productive animals.

  • Boer goats eat primarily grazing and browsing plants, what we would normally consider weeds.
  • One way to ensure your animals have enough to eat is to rotate your crops.
  • Growing plants that thrive in different seasons means your goats will have food to eat year round.
  • You can move the fences that protect your herd so the goats have new ground to graze on.
  • Hay and grain can be used to augment the regular feeding of your goats. These foods can be added to the goat’s diet in the winter or during a drought.
  • Grains can be used to increase the animals’ weight quickly, however, you should watch out not to overfeed the animals because this will cause fat to build up around their organs.
  • Hay can help your animals reduce bacteria and germs. This can help reduce outbreaks and infections in your herd.

Supplements for Health

If your area has nutrient or mineral shortages in the soil or plants, you can add mineral supplements to your animals’ diets. Supplements such as TruCare provide your animals with a blend of zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt, and can improve the health, coat, digestion, bones, and reproductive performance. There are many types of supplements available on the marketplace so you’ll want to look and see what is the right kind for you and your herd.

Better Nutrition for Healthier Goats

If you follow these simple tips, they will help you get the most out of your goats, which means a healthier herd. Healthier goats mean more baby goats and more profitability.

What are your best practices for feeding your goats?

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